Our mission

Step Up helps vulnerable young people get an education, develop life skills and find their place in society.

Our stories

  • Alina GolubevaSummer Camp volunteer

    After Summer Camp…

    And at some point you realize that it has changed you permanently. These changes may not be immediately obvious. It may take time. But it is a point of no return. The world around you expands, becomes more profound, more interesting, more complicated, sometimes more frightening.

    When you work with the children you try to give them as much of what you can share as possible – your attention, your high spirits, your joy, your care. And they repay you with a priceless gift: they make you better, kinder, more attentive to the world around you. They change you on the inside.


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Daily life

For volunteers

Our volunteers teach classes, organize fairs, workshops and excursions. Due to their continued assistance students’ live become interesting and eventful.We are always happy to see creative people willing to join our team.