Celebrating a new academic year


10 September will mark the start of a new academic year at the Step Up Orphan Opportunity Centre.

In line with a tradition that we established many years ago, we celebrate this day in the first half of September. Students, teacher, volunteers, partners and friends come together in the large hall at St Andrew’s Anglican Church to start a new journey together – that is, a new academic year. And this is yet another step up for our students.

We invite you to spend the evening with us. It is a great chance to meet friends and colleagues after the summer holidays – to finally hug one another and share experiences, plans and fun stories over a cup of tea.

In our turn, we will tell you about how we spent this summer in Novopetrovsk; how we held a volunteer camp at the Belskoe Ustye orphanage; how we brought a daring project to fruition and gave students at Belskoe Ustye a real green football field; how we held a camp for children and their parents in Moscow; about our environment camp and an educational workshop for those who could cope!

Join us: Voznesenzky pereulok; doors open at 18.30; official start at 19.00.