The foundations of Step Up’s educational programmes are a series of principles that allow us to achieve results.

Personal relationships between students and teachers

Step Up’s teaching team is unique. The professionalism and personal qualities of our teachers make them examples for our students. This is particularly important because our students were deprived of such positive examples at their orphanages. The respect of orphans can only be achieved through sincerity. Our teachers and students often form friendships that last far beyond the moment the student passes their exams.

Individual programmes

Students can chose (with the support of their class curator) which level of education they need to make their future life plans a reality. The professionalism of our teachers allows them to react flexibly to the students’ needs. The Centre’s teachers do not take for granted prior levels of preparation and are always ready to start from even the most basic level.

Work in small groups

The number of students in a group usually does not exceed eight to ten. The speed with which our students get to grips with the material is so diverse that having large numbers in one group would make our work ineffective.

Community atmosphere

Step Up is a living community of students, graduates, teachers, volunteers and other employees – and it is also a place where guests are always welcome. Students feel like they are part of an extended family and know that in difficult moments they can rely on the support and help of people at Step Up.