Basic Education


This programme was created for students who want to pass state exams (including the Unified State Exam at Year 11 and the Final State Certificate at Year 9).

The choice of study programme depends on two factors:

  1. The aims the student has set. At the beginning of the academic year, the students, together with our psychologist, create individual plans to help them become aware of their goal, the steps they will have to take to reach it, and how to set priorities;
  2. The results of their entrance tests in maths and Russian language.

Age has no significance. The main criteria are the student’s aims and ambition.

The basic education programme includes:
  • Teaching based on the core subjects of a comprehensive school curriculum (Russian language, literature, algebra, geometry, geography, biology, IT, English language, history, social studies, physics, chemistry),
  • Preparation for state exams (the Final State Certificate and the Unified State Exam),
  • Help with specific subjects,
  • Participation in lectures, preparation for personal and group projects,
  • Participation in the Centre’s events.
What Step Up provides within this programme

The logical conclusion of studying at the Centre is passing state exams (an option not offered by correctional orphanages) and this is the main aim for most of our students. Gaining these qualifications opens up many new avenues – including the opportunity to chose an interesting profession, a higher education institution, a place of work, and so on.

Aside from educational programmes, there are also variousclubs and workshops, a football team and many other projects at the Centre that allow our students to uncover hidden talents and realise themselves in new ways. This broadens their worldview and increases the options they have. Indeed, to make a choice, one needs to see what is available.

At Step Up, students spent their time surrounded by people who care, who respect the opinions and actions of others’ and who are always ready to listen. The change in our students in these conditions is always rapid and surprising. It is precisely in such an atmosphere that a person becomes an individual.

Many of our graduates become university students or specialists, but they remain an integral part of Step Up’s team.

The success stories of our graduates inspire all those who have been at one of our graduation ceremonies or our opening day at the start of the academic year.