Svetlana Sysoeva

I have been working at Step Up for seven years. I work with students with health problem and graduates from correctional schools and orphanages. That means children who have grown up without parents, and who often have serious problems. Everything in life is difficult for them – and education is particularly difficult. But thanks to Step Up, where they come with various goals and in different circumstances, many of them achieve significant successes.

The teachers at Step Up are also special. Moreover, they love their students and their work – which is the hallmark of a professional. Each student demands an individual approach. Perhaps patience, perhaps kind-heartedness, perhaps a warm atmosphere – when these are generated by a teacher they help students to continue, finish Year 9 and Year 11, and then move on to higher education.

I love my work, and take pleasure in my work with these children. And our team at Step Up engenders great respect.