Popova Ekaterina

I am student, studying to be a speech therapist, so I work a lot with children and am interested in projects and events in this sphere. At my university they told us about this summer camp, curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to go. I wanted experience, to meet new people and to acquire new skills – but I have got a million times more from my involvement with Step Up. I am learning. With every trip I learn how to give and receive love, I learn responsibility and patience.

For some reason people think that it’s difficult to work with mentally and physically disabled children. I find out that that’s not true – they are appreciative, sincere, pure, they see through you and its impossible to lie or dissemble. They teach you to be yourself. It’s so important, so valuable, for volunteers and children that I would recommend anyone who wants to feel real life, discover themselves and do something that will bring them satisfaction for the rest of their life, to get to know the kids at Belskoye Ustye, a small place where such big and beautiful things happen, where good things happen and fairy tales are born.