Nikolaeva Anna

My name is Anya and I volunteer at the Summer Camp in Belskoye Ustye that is organized every year by Step Up. I first heard about the camp 5 years ago while at university and immediately decided to go. It was wonderful – the volunteers were very friendly and worked and played wonderfully with the kids. I saw how important it was for the kids, and wanted to come again and again. For me it was all a new experience, but I have become so attached to the children that it is difficult to imagine a summer without them.

The first time I came to Step Up it coincided with someone’s birthday and I was struck by the warmth, the welcoming atmosphere and the sincerity of the words spoken. Every student there feels that they are special, and that they are loved for who they are. And that they will never be refused help or support. This is very important for any person, and particularly for kids growing up without a family.

At Step Up I have met, and got to know, a lot of fascinating people: students, teachers and volunteers who, with inspiration and all their heart, contribute to an important cause.