Kulagina Inna

The story of my acquaintance with Step Up begins in 2014. Quite by chance I found an advertisement for volunteers to work at a summer camp for disabled children. I came to Step Up and realized straightaway that I was not going anywhere soon. I took part in camps at the Belskoye Ustye orphanage — once, twice, three times — and it was clear that I had been completely sucked in!

I am very proud of my association with Step Up and the extraordinary people that work there, study there, are volunteers there and even just come and visit. Thanks to Step Up I have discovered a lot of new and interesting people who are very important to me, and who have not only become my friends but who have opened up in me many creative qualities that I before I wouldn’t have even guessed that I had.

I am always keen to go to meetings at Step Up and visit the orphanage in Belskoye Ustye. It’s more than family.