Ksenia Turnikova

I have been at Step Up for more than two years. I really enjoy working with the students. I like the fact that they want to learn, and that they are open to new things. That’s probably the reason why one always wants to bring something unusual to lessons, something special!

I like the fact that we are happy to see each other, that there is a lot of laughter and that we support each other when things are difficult. Sometimes we argue, but then we make up. We always find a compromise.

The word “we” with these students really exists. Over the course of a year’s studying, a group is born – a group where one wants to be. It’s the same for the Centre as a whole. It’s not important that the classrooms are not in the best of repair, nor that the staff room is at the same time a kitchen, a common room for the students and an office.

Despite the conditions, there is a very tightly knit group of people united in their work and with one goal. This is the sort of team where I want to work.