Golubeva Alina

The story of me and the mysterious place known as Step Up began between my second and third years at the artistic-industrial academy – I was looking for work without any real understanding as to why I needed drawing and design skills. It didn’t work out with work, but I found the volunteer Summer Camp that was then run by ROOF.

After a month at Summer Camp – making costumes and sets, putting on plays, drawing countless numbers of posters in a constant creative interaction with the kids – I understood why I draw and needs it. That was 2009.

The next summer I couldn’t go to camp and our paths appeared to have diverged.
Then I finished at the academy and I wrote my dissertation on topics linked with child cerebral palsy. And then I got an unexpected invitation to take part in Summer Camp again – this time under the aegis of Step Up. Again there were the costumes and the sets, the posters and the drawings. Then I visited again in the winter. And then again the following summer… and now I feel as if I am part of that special place – although I am here (St Petersburg) and Step Up is there (Moscow). Why is Step Up mysterious? Because the sensation of being involved in achieving the incredible, that you are a part of a fantastic team of incredible people, stays with you wherever you are and whatever amount of time you spend at Step Up.