Anton Anokhin

For four years I have been working on projects linked to the creation of an independent media and 2013 saw a long-expected launch. At the initial stage, my current project will be an Internet resource, which will later take on a print form.

The project has accumulated a whole series of big interviews: Boris Grebenshchikov (Aquarium), Sergei Mikhalok (Lyapis Trubetskoi), Oleg Kulik (famous artist) and others. As we live in a transitional period it’s not completely clear where we will be tomorrow, but the change is obvious: technology, the speed with which information spreads, etc.

I want to use all the best things that come with this “new epoch” and, at the same time, not lose links to the classics. That’s what I try and do with my projects. And I try and work in exactly the same way at Step Up. I would like to make social work more sustainable, introduce new approaches in management and PR, and take the best from modern technology and design while remaining on a non-commercial (pure and sincere) footing.