Anna Ulyanova

I came to Step Up in 2007 as an already experienced and highly qualified teacher with five years of work at a state school under my belt.

I thought then that I could do everything, and that nothing would surprise me. In fact, I didn’t really intend to be surprised as I only planned to work here for a year. One of my friends joked at the time that there is nothing more permanent than the temporary. We both laughed, but look how long I have already been here! What’s the secret? I think it’s the people: colleagues, students, volunteers and guests. They are all people with whom you want to develop, study, believe and work. People with whom every minute spent together is filled with meaning.

The Centre has taught me several important things:

– how to eat cake without any cutlery
– how to work where you have to
– how to accept and respect peoples’ choices, even when that choice is a step towards disaster
– how to achieve miracles:)