WorkOut masterclass


One warm Monday in September, we got to know the team from the modern movement, WorkOut. The idea of the movement is that you can exercise anywhere – not just in a gym. For example, you can use a normal post in the park as a horizontal bar. The team proved this in Pushkin Square: such amazing examples inspired our students who tried to replicate what the workouts showed.

Many complex physical exercises were possible even without any training – it was clear that sport is just as important for students as literature or mathematics are. Most importantly, it is an interesting and useful way to take your mind off work.

Since 23rd September, WorkOut has launched a 100-day programme of classes, which you are all invited to. Classes are held in Neskuchny Garden on Saturdays and Sundays at 12.00. The coordinator of activities for Step Up students is Sasha Natarova. You can contact her on +7 915 391 22 14 to find out more about the schedule.

Thank you to the WorkOut team for holding the masterclass and for such a friendly atmosphere!

Here are some photos to show you how it went!