New School Year at Step Up


A new school year at Step Up began on September 14th. Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us!

The new school year at Step Up began on September 14th. To mark the occasion, old students, graduates, new students, teachers and volunteers gathered in the church hall of St Andrew’s cathedral.

This year we have a lot of new students (in total about 170 people) that shows once again that the size of the problem we are tackling is not decreasing. These young people need timely support and a helping hand now. We understand that this will be a new challenge that will require new methods and a lot of hard work.

During the gathering we once again congratulated those of our students who have graduated from universities and those who passed re-sits and battled for their certificates with everything they have. They made it happen — which made this evening especially gratifying.

This year we are planning to launch a new project: regular cooking classes for students to learn how to cook — in each other’s company and with love!

We are also planning another very important project: a school for mothers and fathers. The idea for the project arose from our Summer Camp at Belskoye Ustye in which our graduates and their small children also took part.

These projects are needed in order to help solve the problems faced by graduates of orphanages every day but, of course, their main purpose is to ease integration into society and give our students more self-confidence.

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While you’re reading this post, remember that it’s in your power to change the life of at least one person — you can just give them the chance to get an education.

Thank you to everyone who came and shared this day with us! Thank you to Aleksei Ryapolovo and the Marriott Hotel for providing the tables and crockery for the event!