Artists’ Sunday


Choose an object and a background, make the first movement of the pencil, don’t be afraid – bolder, another stroke, shadow, brightness, contrast, colour. Then, when you’ve finished, step away from your work and admire the finished product…

Last Sunday Step Up students and volunteers became real artists for a couple of hours. There were paintings on the walls, easels, paint and paintbrushes, a few hesitant movements of the pencil at first but very confident brush strokes at the end.

And the very attentive Yegor and Oleg assisted us from our blank pages to our finished masterpieces. They floated between the new artists giving advice and directions.

Who would have thought that everyone’s portraits would come to life? Rustam’s dog smiling under the weight of his sad eyes, Tai’s frowning parrots huddling up together, Tolin’s red hamster glowing as though it’s in the sun, Valery’s “Three Bears” in a green meadow, and Vlad’s “Hare with dirty footprints” has been drawn for her and no one else.

Thank you to our friends from the Matita studio for this day, to Adik, Lena and all the others who came.

You can find more photos in our gallery

To be continued!