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On 30th May at St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Moscow, the annual charity concert organised by sponsors of the Vladimir Spivakov Foundation will take place. It fits into the framework of the 13th International Festival “Moscow Meets Friends”.

The programme (incomplete version):
Maria Bubnova, Moscow: harp.
Choir from “The Flight” school, Moscow.
Sofia Yakovenko, Moscow, Russia/Khartzisk, Ukraine: violin.
“Consonance” choir, Moscow.
Jan Redon, Russia/France: piano.
Polina Zheliba, Moscow: piano.
Martin Gregory, Russia/USA: piano.

The festival opens on 24th May and one of its sites is the St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Moscow, in an incredibly beautiful hall. Built at the end of the 19th century in a Victorian Gothic style, many of the original architectural features of St Andrew’s Church have been preserved, including the hall with vaulted ceilings, wonderful acoustics and an organ.

It is in this very hall that the concert will take place and you will have the opportunity to see its beauty with your own eyes: a beauty which many travellers to Moscow have commented on.

The Step Up Orphan Opportunity Centre has been linked to the Anglican Church from the very moment that the office and study rooms were set up in the Church building. We are so thankful to the administration for this.

Attending the concert will be a great opportunity to meet, chat and get to know us – especially if you have wanted to do so for some time but just haven’t had the chance. The concert will be the perfect start to a new week for the whole family.

Before the concert we will be serving tea, coffee and sweet pastries. Tell all your friends and colleagues and come along!

The concert will be held on Monday 30th May. Guests will arrive from 19.00 and the concert will begin at 19.30.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions by phone: 8 495 629 51 17 or by email: info@vverh.su.

Entry to the concert is free following preliminary registration below.

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