Our show: “The Young Peasant-Woman”


Last Friday, 13th May, yet another of our students’ plays premiered on the stage of the Bulgakov House Museum-Theatre.

They, just like their audience, really enjoyed their new acting roles and they coped with the task extremely well. Thank you to the director of the play, Svetlana Gennadevna Sisoeva, for her patience and for putting a sparkle in the eyes of our spectators.

Thank you to everyone who came to support our actors and to Avet Gennadievich for the photo.

P.S. Actors, following a standing ovation, came to the edge of the stage and took their final bow.

At that very moment, someone in the audience shouted: “Are you not going to arrange a tour?!” Then the curtain fell…

You can find more photos of the performance in our gallery.