An invitation to our show “The Young Peasant-Woman”


Friends, this Friday 13th May, students from the Step Up Orphan Opportunity Centre will be presenting the results of their long rehearsals – they will be putting on the show “The Young Peasant-Woman” based on Pushkin’s novella, which they have prepared with their literature teacher.

Many years ago, a theatre studio for student performances was set up. Thanks to the talent, creative sensitivity and patience of the Centre’s students and graduates, five performances have been put on, all directed by one of our graduates, Vikenty.

Actors in the “School of Sinology” studio have grown up taking part in creative excursions but we hope that this time they will surprise you with their own talent and skill.

We will be expecting you on 13th May at 19.30 in the Bulgakov House Museum-Theatre. Entrance is free. Address: Bolshaya Sadovaya Ulitsa, 10. Enter via the arch: entrance 1.

P.S. Below are photos from our 2012 play “The Inspector General”. Such wonderful actors – and now, successful graduates!