Enter our successful world…


In October, Step Up students completed a series pf training sessions as part of the programme “Enter our successful world”. The programme is a joint venture of the same name, set up by the organisation The Maltese Help Service and the advertising company Lapin Advertising.

The main aim of the project is to increase motivation amongst young people to look for employment, to independently solve any problems they encounter, and to develop new knowledge and skills.

The training sessions led by Lapin Advertising were dedicated to job-searching and to finding basic ways of earning money for young adults who have no experience, self-presentation or effective communication skills with their employer. Students learnt about networking, effective selling methods and much more.

The staff from The Maltese Help Service taught students to provide first aid in emergency situations. These skills will help students not to get lost in such situations, and to provide first aid to anyone who requires it, effectively.

The Maltese Help Service has been operating in Moscow since 1996, helping a number of socially unprotected groups. The organisation is also part of the worldwide charity organisation Malteser, which was established by the order of Malta.

28 students took part in the training and 3 of them received an international first aid certificate from the Maltese Help Service. 10 participants received a certificate from Lapin Advertising for passing their part of the course.

Thank you very much to everyone who organised the “Enter our successful world” programme for leading such interesting and helpful sessions.