An evening with Ekaterina Shulman


On 20th December, Step Up students and teachers spent their evening in an unusual way. The school term was coming to an end and the season of tests and assessments had made everyone come to life; both students and teachers could not wait for the holidays.

It was an unusual evening because Ekaterina Shulman visited us. She is a prominent political scientist and journalist, and we spoke about important topics. For example, we discussed whether citizens differ from the wider population; we thought about what makes someone a citizen, where their duties and rights come from, and what comes first.

After the lecture, students had the opportunity to ask questions and they listened to each other intently. We are so glad that the evening was a success, since we have long dreamed of launching the “ScienceOutLoud” or “Complicated is Easy” programmes.

Within the framework of this project, we will invite well-known individuals, scientists, creators of unique projects and interesting speakers to come and teach us and inspire us with something new. Thanks to this evening with Ekaterina Shulman, our dreams began to come true.

The evening ended with an intellectual game hosted by our friends and wonderful hosts, Ekaterina and Aleksey. We very much enjoy intellectual games, debates and conferences.

The evening took place at the Hyundai Motorstudio; thank you very much to the staff for another warm welcome.

Many thanks to Ekaterina Shulman for an interesting talk, new knowledge, discussion and pleasant conversation.

Thanks to Paulina Bikonya for the photos!