An invitation to graduation on 22nd June



On 22nd June we will be holding the most anticipated and loved celebration of the year – graduation. We will be celebrating our students’ achievements. We have 5 students who have successfully passed Year 9 exams and we will present them with their certificates to mark the achievements and successes they have achieved.

This year we have a truly wonderful Year 9 class: they are purposeful and extremely motivated. Their exam results pleasantly surprised us all – for each subject the average grade was a 4 but we achieved one 5 in Russian language!

The group are a great example to everyone, showing willpower, patience and honesty on the path to achieving their dreams.

As always, we would love to have guests join us- anyone who, just like us, enjoys being part of events like this close to home.

The celebration will begin at 7.30pm in the hall of St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Voznesensky Pereulok, 8.

See you there!