Step Up artwork in the Russian Trust Bank


We have yet another reason to burst with pride for our students! A remarkable student, Alexander Mineev, who studies at the Step Up Centre has revealed himself to be a very talented artist.

Sasha’s paintings are currently on display in the Russian Trust Bank, all of them linked by the general theme of “futurology”. He depicts cities and machinery of the future, putting so much detail into them.

Anyone who wishes to visit the exhibition can do so – and even buy any paintings that take their fancy.

It is Sasha’s second personal exhibition. He already works as a cabinet-maker and studies at both the Step Up Centre and at landscaping college. He dreams of going to the Architectural College after he passes his exams at the end of Year 9, and then to the Architectural Institute.

We have no doubt that he will achieve his goals.

Thank you to the president of the foundation “Our Children”, Elizaveta Mikheeva, as well as the director of development of the Russian Trust Bank, Milena Sborukina, for organising the exhibition.

Such wonderful, motivated students never cease to please and surprise us!

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