Takie Dela newspaper covers our Distance Learning project


Takie Dela newspaper published a large article on the Distance Learning project that we set up in partnership with the charity foundation Volunteers Helping Child-Orphans.

The article featured short accounts from students taking part in the Distance Learning project, discussing how education is changing their lives for the better.

Thank you very much to our teachers for their excellent work! It’s lovely that we have such brilliant partners and our teamwork produces such successful results!

You can find the full text here on the Takie Dela site.

Last year I finished school after Year 10 and now I work as a security guard at Pyaterochka supermarket. In my second year I changed schools three times.

When I was expelled from the school in my village, Opochnya, they put it down to my character: they said that due to the death of my stepfather, I couldn’t study effectively. But in truth, I just didn’t feel like it. For a whole year I didn’t study at all: I skipped school and didn’t do my homework. It was difficult to make up lessons and work. Instead, I went to play football or to the river- in the winter I went skiing. In Year 9 it was obvious that I wouldn’t pass my exams. In the end they sent me to a rehabilitation centre, where I had private tutoring. It was boring at first but gradually I started to listen and as soon as I began to understand something, it became interesting to me. I used to sit for three or four hours with my Russian tutor. I also had a tutor for algebra and geometry; we had a good relationship. Before my exams we had lessons every day and I passed the exams with a 3 grade. Even this wasn’t easy.

If it wasn’t for my teachers, I don’t know what would have happened to me; they helped me a lot. I couldn’t finish school on my own and I wouldn’t be working now. I don’t know what would have happened to me.

Nikita, 18

Myself and my sister have been in the rehabilitation centre for two years. Dasha is ten years old. Our mum started to drink and then she left. Someone came and took us away. My mother drank peacefully; she never got angry at us. When she buys an apartment we’ll be able to go home. She is working as a cashier now and is saving up for her own apartment. Our house is already very old.

So I started to study. All of the topics merged into one- I didn’t understand activities, examples or equations. But with tutors I began to study better, they explain everything so clearly.

I would like to live in a big city. I went to Moscow once: we went to the Kremlin, to Moscow State University and to watch Cirque du Soleil.

I would like to become a hairdresser, so I can bring beauty to others.

Seryozha, 12