Our trip to Globus Hypermarket


On 13th April we went on one of the most interesting trips ever – to the Globus production department. Globus is one of the Centre’s partners and sponsors, continually supporting our educational programmes – particularly our new culinary project Maslom Vverh.

This was our first trip to Globus: an experiment of sorts. We wanted to show our students, particularly those who are looking for jobs or still finding themselves, how diverse the world of work is. At Globus, we saw so many professions that ordinary buyers don’t even realise exist but are in fact extremely important to us all. First, we visited the bread department.

Our students weren’t too impressed by the sheer scale of production and the smell of warm bread – the confectionery department was much more delicious! In the meat department we spoke to an employee who shocked us all with his love for his work, saying that “work is like a house”. He welcomed us with open arms.

All of the students were really impressed with everything they saw and had the chance to ask lots of questions. We hope the trip made a lasting impression and will change the students’ ideas about professions they assume to be boring and unattractive.

Thank you to Svetlana Anatolieva, Anna and Anastasia for inviting us and for a lovely lunch and gifts!

Our photos below will tell you more… 🙂