“National Studies: Brazil”. Conference announcement


Friends, this Wednesday 27th April, you are all welcome to come along to our National Studies student conference. This year we turn our attention to Brazil.

Step Up students will present their own projects, outlining the interesting and unique facts they have found out about the country and want to share with you.

The Centre holds such conferences twice a year ever since one of our students struggled to answer his teacher’s question during an oral examination – he was too scared of how everyone would react to his answer.

Now, almost ten years have passed and every year we see how far our speakers have come, while learning something interesting and productive. Conferences can be difficult to organise but they have been successful and possible thanks to all of you: our listeners and guests who come to listen to us and support us.

Thanks to Ekaterina Sarantseva from our partner company Merck, we have reached new levels: twice a month Katya gives classes on how to prepare successful presentations and developing communicational skills to engage with your audience.

In these classes we learnt that many students idolise certain speakers- Steve Jobs tops the list – their own performances are a sort of parody! 🙂

Please come and join us at 6pm at the “Pokrovsky Gates” cultural centre, Pokrovka ulitsa, 27/1!