Miracle-gifts from Maslom Vverh and Kings and Cabbage



Spring will soon set in and bring with it annual celebrations. Of course, at such a time we can’t leave our family and friends without gifts. Our students, as part of the Maslom Vverh project (find out more about the project here), with the help of the culinary gurus at Kings and Cabbage, prepared tasty, beautiful souvenirs each with their own unique stories.

By giving them as presents, you will not only be treating a loved one but also supporting the Maslom Vverh project and therefore the students who are participating in it.

Appreciate not only the external beauty of these miracle-delicacies, but also their original names:

“Inseparable collections” – fluffy Balkan biscuits with coconut and hints of chocolate.
“A heart in scraps” – blue and pink caramels.
“Elixir of love: strawberry” – a combination of fresh strawberries and oranges.
“Heart shashlik” – raspberries and chocolate marshmallows on a stick.

Everything is priced at 500 roubles each. You can place an order now – delivery is free for 5+ pieces!

From 10th-15th February you can find these delicious treats in:

– CHARITY SHOP shops: Fadeeva street 7/1 and Novokuznetskaya street 1.
– OBRAZ ZHIZNI restaurant: Prechistenka street, 40/2.
– PROSTIE VESHI gastroteka: Pyatnitskaya, 29.

To place an order please email info@vverh.su with your name and quantity.

All donations will go towards developing the Maslom Vverh project, so that students will be able to continue their favourite hobby – that is, learning to cook. In the future, maybe they will even become professional chefs!

Thank you for all of your support!