Meeting Viktor Bochkanov: a “Prof” project


In February, as part of a series of events where we meet interesting individuals, Viktor Bochkanov came to visit us. He is a design engineer for submarines and ships and our meeting took the format of a friendly conversation. The event was held for participants of our “Prof” project; they were very interested and asked our guest questions; they were thrown into the deep end of a new topic.

Meeting interesting guests in such a format allows Step Up students to expand their knowledge of the jobs, skills and knowledge needed to enter a profession and pursue a professional path. Of course, individual examples are better sources of motivation than hypothetical discussions.

The event was so energetic, inspiring and positive that the students discussed and remembered moments of it long after it took place. The guest and I asked students to share their thoughts with us. For example, Sveta dreams of science, physics, space, and the universe. She said the event allowed her to learn new things:

“Everything was informative! Firstly, it was important for me to be able to see that this man’s specialism is his creativity and his art.

What did I find out? I found out what shipbuilding is. He spoke about the Komsomolets submarine and why and how the accident happened there. He spoke about the submarine’s structure and compared it to an American submarine – all in detail. I learned that engineers deal with a science called hydraulics. It is an applied science about the laws of equilibrium and fluid motion; it deals with methods of their practical application. An example of this is condensate, which works like a nuclear reactor. Viktor also showed us diagrams of the drainpipes – I was at a loss when I looked at it, but he looked at it and saw something that none of us would see immediately! I was interested in everything and I really enjoyed it all!”

The “Prof” project is aimed at supporting students and graduates of orphanages and institutions to find their professional vocation. The project allows students to identify their strengths and their talents, and to build the communication and business skills necessary for a future career. The project is implemented with the support of the Absolute Help charitable foundation.

Thank you to Viktor for such a full, useful meeting. Thank you to all of the participants for your important questions, your inclusion and your help in organising the event.