A masterclass on: “How to look for work: CVs”


In late January, we were joined by long-awaited guests, Natalya Avdeeva and Elena Grigoryan from Brand Your Talent, a professional branding agency. They held a masterclass on the topic: “How to look for work: CVs”. The event was part of the “Prof” project.

The “Prof” project is aimed at supporting students and graduates of orphanages and institutions to find professional work. The project helps them to identify their strengths and their talents, and to build the communication and business skills necessary for a future career.

Since Natalya and Elena are real experts in the field of recruitment, there was no question about who to invite to this masterclass. They shared tips on how to create eye-catching CVs, how to maintain the structure of a CV, and how to fill it. Students asked questions with great interest.

Building CV-writing skills is important not just for our students, but for anyone going down a professional path. Statistics show that young people searching for their first job make many typical mistakes when writing a CV. Therefore, it is important to speak to them at the start of their careers. In addition, the better and clearer a CV is, the more attractive it is to an employer and, therefore, the more likely it will be noticed and an individual will be invited to interview.

Our next guest told students how to get an interview.

Thank you to Natalya and Elena for such a full, useful masterclass. Thank you to all of the participants for your important questions, your inclusion and your help in organising the event.