Meeting the participants of the Distance Learning project


On the 11th February at the Hyundai Motorstudio, students from the the Step Up Orphan Opportunity Centre met with students from orphanages just outside Moscow – they are participants of the Distance Learning project.

Since 2014 the Step Up Centre, together with the charitable foundation “Volunteering to help child-orphans”, set up a Distance Learning project. It was created for young people – for students and graduates of orphanages in various regions who receive education but lack opportunities for various reasons. The Step Up teachers give lessons remotely, helping children to brush up on their school subjects in preparation for the Uniform State Examinations or for their university applications. In other words, they help students get one step closer to achieving their dreams.

A few times a year we set up a meeting between our students and the students from these orphanages, all of whom are striving to receive an education. Once again our students received their guests happily and, divided into teams, they took part in an intellectual debate game which has become one of our Centre’s favourites.

The topic of the game was the role of the internet in our life – each team debated whether the internet is useful and whether it we need it as much as everyone thinks nowadays.

The children coped excellently with this activity; it was a real, adult, intense game. Participants gave serious arguments, astounding the panel of judges. At the end of the game everyone agreed that the internet is necessary but not all of its information should be accessible to all, there should be some limits to protect users from harmful or negative material.

After the game, the students spoke at length over a cup of tea and a treat. The meeting was a success!

Thank you to the employees of the Hyundai Motorstudio for making up our panel of judges: for their in-depth comments and interest in the game.

More photos of the day are available in our gallery.

The atmosphere of the debate comes across perfectly in our short video below=)