Giving Tuesday


On 29th November the Step Up Orphan Opportunity Centre joined the international charity movement, Giving Tuesday. It was the first time that Russia took part in this world charity day, despite the fact that the initiative began in 2012 and 71 countries already take part.

On this day, charity events are held all over the world: flash mobs, volunteer campaigns and more. Anyone can take part!

On Giving Tuesday, we invited young artists and those who are interested in art to take part in our workshop, “Birdhouses in artists’ hands”: to spend a day at the Centre taking part in an interesting activity.

Thanks to those from the Moscow Architectural Institute and our old friends (yes you, Yulia Kushnarenko!), the event was brilliant and colourful. Over the course of the day, our artists painted wooden birdhouses and feeding troughs for the Hands from There workshop. They created real masterpieces – each one of them will make an excellent New Year gift!

We will display the wooden creations at our stand at the Heart-to-Heart New Year fair on 11th December.

Thank you to all who participated in the auction for their enthusiasm and for the beautiful birdhouses and feeding troughs!