Birdhouse painting masterclass


On the eve of our spring excursion, we held a masterclass at the Centre: with the Hands from There workshop, our students painted birdhouses as a treat for themselves and their future landlords.

Each group was given a wooden bird-house, but it was the children’s job to use the paint, paintbrushes and their own fantasies to create the masterpieces.

The next day we set off on our excursion to Borodino, taking our bright birdhouses with us.

We each found our own landlady and gave them our gifts in the Borodino museum. When we visited the “Saviour Alexandrovsky” eco-farm, we found our gifts there. We hope they complement the beauty of the Spaso-Borodino Monastery, which we also visited – and where we ate a tasty lunch.

Of course, this was an interesting and active day but we were also glad we could make something beautiful and useful for the feathered friends of these wonderful places.

Thank you to Andrei Zhiganov, coordinator of the Hands from There workshop, for leading this masterclass.
Thank you to Paulina Bikonya for the photos.