A pre-New Year culinary activity: Maslom VVerkh


This year we continued our work on the culinary project, Maslom Vverkh. It began many years ago and successfully continues to help our students develop, discover new talents and take pleasure in cooking homemade food – continuing this independently for themselves and their relatives.

Two groups of students from the centre took part in the activity – those who took part in the programme last year and those who were new to the programme.

On 26th December both groups found themselves in the kitchen of a non-culinary club, Kings and Cabbage, ready to learn how to cook tasty desserts so that they could treat all of their loved ones over the New Year holiday.

The programme included Christmas cakes, rum balls and profiteroles made with choux pastry and cream. No other activity brings so much joy and pleasure, especially if your classmates and friends are with you.

A huge thank you to Katie Pal and Roman Lerner for what was both a very important and brilliant project.

Thank you to all the volunteers who were with our young chefs for every activity, helping them to cope with the most complex tasks. Thanks to them, each participant in this culinary project grasped each task confidently. Thank you for the friendship- this project in particular helped many students make new friends.

Thank you to Paulina Bykonya for the photos. More photos can be found in our