A Christmas tree for our graduates’ children


Last Saturday, 17th December, a Christmas tree appeared in our Centre for our youngest friends- the children of our graduates, students and teachers.

A few years ago we started an evening group, “Kindergarten”, in the centre for the children of our students and graduates. This allowed young parents to continue their studies in the centre, while their children spent time with our speech therapist and tutor.

We recently realised that children’s Christmas trees are still important and necessary, particularly during events where children and their parents spend time together, get acquainted and make friends: their children get used to society and learn how to live and develop within it.

It was the first children’s Christmas tree we had that overwhelmed us with such joy, simply due to the sheer number of children that came along with our, impressing us with what good parents they have become.

This year, our tree was visited by the “Figure Workshop” who put on a puppet show. The New Year celebrations were held in such a warm atmosphere and put us all in a bright mood with a smile on our faces.

A huge thank you to the foundation “Our Children”, in particular to Elizaveta Mikheeva for organising the New Year show put on by the puppet theatre, “Figure Workshop”. Thank you to the teacher and coordinator of our “Kindergarten” project, Ekaterina Kyrdyukova, for making this New Year celebration one of the Centre’s dearest traditions.

Click on this link for more photos of our children’s tree.