Student Conferences


Student conferences on the theme of ‘the History of Inventions’ take place each year at Step Up. The first such student conference happened in December 2011 and successfully addressed a number of educational and developmental goals.

Having chosen the topic of their project – something linked to invention – the students and their curators prepared to talk about it at the conference. Projects are usually made up of presentations, but students also show films, put on sketches and run competitions.

It is always a particular joy to watch the presentations of students from psychoneurological institutions, who always think up something interesting and interactive.

The format for participation is not limited to group presentations; individual projects are also possible.

In running such conferences, the process of preparation is very important. The students all chose a topic, search for information and work out their roles together – which gives them an understanding of how to work as a team as well as the importance of each individual in the preparation and success of the project.

The conference is open to everyone – any student, graduate, volunteer, or friend of the Centre can give a presentation.


the History of Inventions Conference – extracts from the presentations