We went to the “Good Moscow” festival


On the 9th and 10th September, the Step Up Orphan Opportunity Centre will be taking part in the “Good Moscow” charity festival. It is the largest-scale city festival, in which over 50 NGOs from Moscow take part.

Participants, including members of our Centre, have prepared a series of educational and entertaining masterclasses so that Muscovites get to know the work done by social organisations and alert their attention to the problems that such organisations strive to resolve.

The programme consists of:

– The “Good Moscow” photo exhibition
– A fascinating quest, after which participants will receive a “Good Moscow” Citizen’s Passport
– Masterclasses for adults and children, bright photo-zones and instant photos with the hashtag #goodmoscow
– Music and dancing
– Many more competitions, prizes, gifts and an amazing atmosphere!

Our HandsOn workshop will be there – look to the left of the main entrance of the large tent with our logo. Anyone can take part in our entertaining woodwork masterclass and make birdhouses and feeders- these will appeal not only to adults but to children, too. You can even take your masterpiece home with you!

The “Good Moscow” festival is a great opportunity to acquaint yourselves with the work of the Step Up Centre and other social organisations, as well as personally getting to help with any projects you want to.

We will be expecting you in Sokolniki Park on 9th and 10th September from 10.00 – 19.00. You can find more details about the programme and a map of events on the festival’s official website.