We started a project in support of the camp on Planeta.ru


We continue our preparations for Step Up’s volunteer summer camp in Belskoye Ustye and our team of volunteers is almost finalized. We are delighted that so many young people have responded to the opportunity to become volunteers at Belskoye Ustye Summer Camp.

We have started a fundraising campaign on the crowd-funding platform Planeta.ru, so that new volunteers can have the chance to go to Belskoye Ustye, and so that this year we can put on more interesting activities, competitions, excursions and festivals and inspire the young people in the orphanage with ideas and new emotions for the year to come.

This year we want our volunteers to live in a big house where volunteers can prepare activities in more comfortable conditions: so we also need support to repair the only suitable house that is near the orphanage.
If you would like to make a donation, please follow this link http://planeta.ru/campaigns/vverh

Any donation is very welcome!

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