The HandsOn Workshop at the Heart-to-Heart Market


Five years ago the Step Up Centre decided to take part in the biggest Christmas fair of the year. There, we and our students made felt brooches, postcards, candles, magnets, toys and other New Year souvenirs.

It was such a lovely day and we got to spend it with our colleagues, friends and volunteers. We decided there and then that we had to come back to the market again.

Five years have passed and the Step Up Centre has not missed one Heart-to-Heart Market. It is exactly because of the market that our HandsOn Workshop was created. It also led us to meet new partners, volunteers and friends.

This year we do not intend to break this lovely tradition, and on 13th December at the Expocentre, we will be taking part in the market once again, with new and interesting gifts.

We are so happy that we came across the Heart-to-Heart market and we hope that it continues to bring annual happiness, hope and wonder to many.

You can also help the Heart-to-Heart market continue its work and become even brighter and more beautiful by supporting it and those who participate in it


Look at our photo archive to see what the market was like five years ago!