Music Festival “VverhFest”


We had a great time at the #VverhFest musical festival where we were joined by so many interesting people close to our hearts – just thinking about it puts a smile on our face!

The nerves began to build up during the musicians’ sound check and it was clear that they would perform as best as they could, from the heart, deserving of an encore. Everything fit the mood perfectly: it was snowing outside, the blue of the lampshade reflected in the windows, the smell of tea and pumpkin jam permeated the room – everything added to the comfort, the mood, the merriment of the occasion.

Thanks to the Sea Inside art cafe, Sokolniki and the wonderful Angelina Mazanova, administrator of Sea Inside, for your support and faith in us!

Thank you to Denis Simigin for the musical arrangement of the festival and to the whole group for the constant flow of lovely music. Thanks also to Alisa and Daniel.

The number of fans was unbelievable – thank you to the group TimeЯ and Alexandr Vlasuk – you were loud, strong and beautiful!

Stanislav Storm and the group StormCrew raised the roof and made everyone dance, sing and demand an encore! Thank you for the amazing vocals and energy!

The group Pedro and Juan was a beautiful duo of cello and accordion, giving us music and beautiful girls with beautiful expressions. You had to see this group, not just hear them.

And that’s not all – the Hands from There workshop also joined us, as did CharityShop and many others. Thank you all!

We raised 37,750 roubles from the festival and this will go towards supporting the Centre’s programmes.

Thank you to Paulina Bikonya for the photos – they convey the day perfectly!

You can find more photos in our album.