“Debates”: an intellectual game


On 27th January we played “Debates”, an intellectual game which students, graduates and teachers from the Step Up Centre took part in.

The essence of the game is for each team to defend or oppose a topic while sticking to the rules of the game. Everything was done properly – we had judges, a time-keeper, a presenter and an audience.

This was our first experience of the game and it was of a fairly high level. Topics came from current and complex themes and there were timing rules (time-keepers banged a gong). The audience also had the chance to ask questions.

Students did not lose their cool – good teamwork allowed them to prepare strong speakers and logical performances. We know how difficult it is to give a convincing argument while maintaining an internal balance – especially when your opponent’s argument is equally convincing. This is what our students had to get used to throughout the game: listening to judges’ opinions and assessments.

We couldn’t hide our emotions: sheer joy at how grown-up the whole day was. Some politicians could learn something from our students who took part in the debate!

Thank you to everyone who was with us – a wonderful leader, talented speakers, fearless teams, attentive spectators, objective judges and all our friends.

Thank you to Hyundai Motorstudio for helping to organise the day and of course, for their hospitality.

To be continued!

Look at our photos to see exactly what the day was like 🙂