“Day to Day” programme launched for young adults with learning difficulties


On 19th June we held a seminar dedicated to peer mentoring and marking methods that can be applied to students with learning difficulties. During the seminar, a new “Day to Day” programme for young adults with learning difficulties was introduced by Step Up specialists. The main aim of the programme is to educate adults with learning difficulties, help their socialisation process and improve their quality of life.

The “Day to Day” programme was launched with the support of the Presidential Grants Foundation.

The programme puts forward a gradual, long-term method of socialisation for adults with learning difficulties. Since the Step Up Centre was established, we have been working with such adults. They have a slow learning pace and need to come back to topics repeatedly, though this does not mean they are unable to progress and develop. Furthermore, these students tend to lose reading and writing skills if they are not constantly using them. This system of constant intellectual activity is of utmost importance for the successful socialisation of these adults.

The “Day to Day” programme will be launched at the Belsky Ustye orphanage, where, from 1st September 2018, Step Up staff will join the orphanage staff in leading educational activities for young adults with learning difficulties.

The Step Up Centre and the Belsky Ustye orphanage go back a long way. Every year, we organise activities for students in the form of our volunteer camp. The orphanage welcomes us warmly and the staff truly want students to succeed, irrespective of any limitations.

At the age of 18, students in the transition period- that is, those previously living in orphanages but are now unable to live independently- move to adult institutions. These institutions, however, unfortunately do not facilitate development; lessons are unprepared and as a result, students lose skills they had previously acquired.

The management team at the Belsky Ustye orphanage decided to help those in the transition period up to the age of 28. This extra 10 years of development helps students to conserve and develop their intellectual skills and, in turn, they learn to live independently. This is an accompanied accommodation project.

It is clear why this programme has been set up by the Step Up Centre in association with the Belsky Ustye orphanage.

We held two events to introduce and explain the programme:

-A presentation event, explaining the programme to Step Up staff (19th June);
-A seminar for staff at the Belsky Ustye orphanage (27th-28th June).