An invitation to our graduation evening!


The day that we have been waiting for the whole year is just around the corner.

On this day we will reminisce about all the good things that happened to us during the school year, congratulate and thank our graduates, students and teachers, make plans for the future, say goodbye to each other till the end of the summer, and start missing each other straight away.

It’s particularly pleasant to reflect on this school year as, besides Year 9 and Year 11 graduates, five graduates from previous years graduated from university and received their diplomas, most our students moved into the next year and someone even received a Sokurov short film award.

Most of our achievements would not have been possible without our friends and supporters: that means each of you. And we invite you to our graduation evening on June 26th at 7 pm.

Come and celebrate with us!

8/5 Voznesensky pereulok, St. Andrew’s Anglican Church.
P.S. We are easy to find. Look for a crowd of improperly happy, excited and positive people!