A cooking session with Nestle


At the start of April, a group of Step Up students and teachers took part in a cooking masterclass with the Nestle company.

Students prepared hot dishes, salads and desserts for all masterclass participants. After this they sat at celebration tables and each team presented their dish.

Many of our students received a cooking qualification at college but they work in professional units. This masterclass allowed them to recall the skills they have acquired and to apply them to this masterclass.

It also allowed them to see the attraction in such a profession and to understand that being a chef is great especially when you succeed – and everyone else admires your ability to cook such tasty food.

The students were confident and tried to help one another by explaining concepts and even teaching techniques. With the help of chefs and Nestle volunteers who willingly communicated with the students throughout the cooking process, everything was so natural and friendly.

Thank you to Nestle for such a wonderful opportunity not just to try out a tasty and useful masterclass but also to show students how important and notable their professions are – and how important it is to have friendly and united communications in a team.