Olga Tikhomirova: the biggest motivator is our students’ success stories


You can find an interview with director Olga Tikhomirova in the June 2012 issue of Bolshoi Gorod magazine. Our students say that even when she is angry, she is wonderful.

Olga Tikhomirova, director of Step Up, teacher of history and social science for students and graduates of correctional orphanages and psychoneurological institutions.

When I became the director of Step Up, I knew that I wanted to create a place where students can come at any moment, a place where they know that they are welcome and a place where they are heard out and can talk about absolutely anything.

Of course it’s hard for teachers when a pupil misses lessons. But I’m not very strict about stopping those who skip classes from coming entirely. An evening here is always more useful than an evening spent in some other place in our big city.

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